Five Tips To Help You Get Pregnant Fast

Authors: BabyCenter, WebMD, Parents
Date: March 16, 2015

What’s the rush? Women have plenty of reasons to try and jump-start conception including: a desire to time the birth of the baby to a specific time of year, the need to conceive in-between travel dates, and because of the woman’s age.

Whatever your hurry, we have some tips for moms and dads-to-be that can help speed things along.

  • 1. Get in sync with your cycle – Know when you ovulate — it can take most of the guesswork out of conceiving. If you can plot your cycle on a calendar, then you’ll be able to plan intercourse around your most fertile days. You can find details on how to track your cycle here.

  • 2. Spare the sperm – Dad’s sperm is just as important in this process as mum’s ovulation cycle. And there are plenty of things that can negatively impact sperm quality and quantity. For instance, Dad should stop smoking because it can affect sperm function. While he’s at it, he should reduce his alcohol intake, because it can also affect sperm quality and function. Hot tubs and very hot howers are also no-nos for dad. Sperm’s optimal temperature is 34.4°C to 35.6°C.

  • 3. Get into the right position after sex – Contrary to some rumors, there is no “perfect” position for intercourse that is proven to help you conceive. However, the position you take after intercourse can make a difference. Stay horizontal for at least 10 minutes after intercourse. Don’t get up and go to the bathroom or get dressed. Just rest and let the sperm get to where it’s going.

  • 4. Stop using birth control before you start trying – “No kidding”, you say. While it seems intuitive, not all birth control methods are created equal. Some will stay in your system with lasting effects for weeks or even months. Check with your obstetrician and gynecologist to find out the details on any of the potentially lasting effects from your method of birth control.

  • 5. Schedule an appointment with your doctor – Since you know you’re ready to conceive, this is one of the most important things you can do. Your doctor can give you the advice you need on nutrition, lifestyle and overall health.