Things Only Women Who Have Taken a Pregnancy Test Will Understand

Date: October 31, 2014
Topic Area: I Am Pregnant

You will want to know and not want to know, all at the same time. Whatever your desired outcome of your pregnancy test, it’s a very big deal, and has the potential to change your life in ways big and small. So some ambivalence is normal. You might feel nervous and excited at the same time. Whatever it is you’re feeling, just go with it. You’ll have your answer soon enough.

The wait feels like forever. Really. The one to three minutes it takes most pregnancy tests to give you a result can seem like an eternity. You’re obviously very invested in whatever outcome you’re hoping for, so anticipation is the problem here. Lessen the torture by setting a timer on your phone, and then leaving the bathroom to check your Facebook while you wait. (Trust us: walk away.)

Despite trying to distract yourself, your imagination will get the best of you. You’ve set your timer. You’ve stepped away from the pregnancy test. And you’re distracting yourself with your friends’ status updates that you don’t really care about. Hang on. Check two more status updates. Okay, three. Now check your timer. You’re probably close.

The moment of truth will feel pretty darn momentous. Whether you’re hoping for a positive or a negative, you’re definitely not indifferent to your result. So don’t even try to pretend to be. It’s a big deal. And the outcome obviously matters. So, take a deep breath. You’re about to get some very important news.

Your result will have a very big impact on you. If the outcome isn’t what you’d hoped, go easy on yourself, and reach out to someone you trust. If the outcome is exactly what you’ve been hoping, praying, and dancing to the fertility gods for – positive or negative – congratulations! Feel excited, relieved, or whatever it is you’re feeling. Share it – if that feels right. Shout it out! Whisper it to your partner. Bask in the glow of this new knowledge. And then celebrate your next steps – wherever they may lead you.