“Don’t Miss Moments” to Instagram When You’re Expecting

Pregnancy is one of the most incredible journeys you’ll ever take. We love the idea of having some fun with your photos along the way. These Instagram-worthy moments capture the beauty – and fun – of pregnancy.

Bikini Babe – It’s time to flaunt that bump (and your new and improved cleavage!) in your itsy bitsy bikini. Embrace your fun and flirty side and accessorise your bikini shot with a big sun hat or a beach ball.

Natural Woman – Natural light is incredibly flattering, particularly when diffused through a gauzy curtain. Pose in front of a window in morning or evening light and your bump will be beautifully silhouetted. This classic shot is even more dramatic in black-and-white.

Family Affair – Get baby’s big brother or sister involved. A close-up of an older sibling kissing or hugging your belly will be an image to cherish for years to come. Print this one out and frame it for grandma and grandpa.

Mum’s Best Friend – No older siblings to include? Your cat or dog probably feels like your first baby, then. Why not let your furry friend snuggle up next to your belly? Someday soon they and baby will love each other, too. Might as well mark the beginning of that beautiful friendship.

Strike a Pose – Some women truly feel at their strongest and most beautiful during pregnancy. Celebrate your strength with a photo of you in tree pose or lotus pose, or whichever pose is still comfortable (and safe!) for you to hold. Om, baby!

Hands On – Your hands, dad’s hands, siblings’ hands – letting the hands of those who love baby as much as you do touch your belly in a photo is a sweet way to capture everyone’s excitement over baby’s arrival. Just don’t forget your manicure!

Don’t Forget Daddy – Your pregnancy is a special time in your relationship, too. And even though you’re doing most of the work, he’s just as excited about baby’s arrival as you are. Share the love that brought baby about in the first place with a photo of him kissing your belly. Or let him show his nurturing side by standing behind you with his arms cradling your bump. Have him make his hands into the shape of a heart on your belly for the extra “aww” factor.

There She Grows – Some mums-to-be like to share their changing bodies by week or by month. Take your shots weekly or monthly in the same spot, in the same pose, and people will see your bump grow before their eyes. This series is especially fun to share with friends and family who are far away.

Before and After – No we’re not talking about your pre-baby body vs. your post baby body. We’re talking about a split screen image – one of your beautiful bump, and next to it, at the same angle, you minus the bump, plus the baby. Tip: this shot can double as a sweet idea for a birth announcement.